The Company
KodFlex Technologies (2291207-P) is 100% Malaysian company which was incorporated in January 2014, in Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan. KodFlex consists of a pool of highly experienced bumiputera resources with the purpose of offering software development and hardware services to market within a specific framework shaped by information and communication technology

Our objective is to prove how these resources are managed to achieve optimal production of software applications and hardware implementation services for the ICT market.

KodFlex has the software development expertise to create the best applications, tailored specifically to our customers needs. We provide software development and hardware services expertise for a total system integration project. We maintain a roster of highly skilled software and hardware professionals whom it employs to fulfill specific needs of particular project. This structure provides us with a very broad base of expertise. Under this paradigm, we provide the project management infrastructure along with technical and administrative control over the project.